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Learn the concepts, principles and practices of Islamic banking and finance


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The courses are designed for people seeking to understand and apply the principles and practices of Islamic banking finance. We plan to have series of courses, each of which covers a different area of Islamic banking and finance. The user can gain a better understanding of the material by fully engaging with the different sections of the educational content.

Islamic Finance Fundamentals

This course introduces users to the basic concepts, principles and practices of Islamic banking and finance in an informative and appealing manner. Once the students have successfully completed the course and attained MC-IFF certification, they will possess a firm grasp on the subject matter. They will also be able to comprehend the structures and inner workings of Islamic finance, as well as the practices of global Islamic finance industry.

Introduction to Islamic Finance

The fundamental principles of Islamic economics and Islamic finance are introduced. It also analyzes the evolution, growth and development of the industry across various periods of time

Islamic Finance Structures and Retail Products

This lesson introduces the concept of a contract in Islam and the different types of Islamic finance structures along with the ideas of origin, legitimacy, mechanisms, relevant examples and applications. The structures that are applied to each of the retail products are examined along with the mechanism and relevant examples.

Islamic Corporate Products

We have introduced various structures applied in each of the corporate products along with the mechanism and relevant examples

Islamic Treasury Products

This module describes the various liquidity and risk management products and application of variety of Islamic finance structures in designing the products along with the mechanism and relevant examples.

Islamic Funds

The basic structures of Islamic funds are explained along with their operations. Different types of funds available in the Islamic finance market are also discussed

Sukuk (Islamic Bonds)

Sukuk is discussed, along with its origin and basic structures. We also introduce the various types of Sukuk offered in Islamic finance along with the mechanism and relevant examples

Takaful (Islamic Insurance)

This lesson covers Takaful, its basic features and different models. We have also discussed the mechanism of the Takaful fund, and provided relevant examples

Zakat (Charity) and Waqf (Islamic Endowment)

In this module, we have discussed the meaning of Zakat, its legitimacy, as well as the forms of wealth subjected to Zakat, conditions for Zakat, the calculation of Zakat and its beneficiaries.This lesson also explains the basic structures and different types of Waqf, and presents various conditions for Waqf institution, properties, and beneficiaries.