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Speaker Profile

Dr. Nejatullah Siddiqi


Dr. Nejatullah Siddiqi is considered as one of the leading pioneers of Islamic economics. Dr. Nejatullah has contributed immensely to the literature of Islamic economics and has been instrumental in enriching this domain of knowledge.


Dr. Nejatullah Siddiqi was born in India in 1931. He attended the Aligarh Muslim University, where he also served as Associate Professor of Economics and Professor of Islamic Studies. Dr. Nejatullah has also taught at the Centre for Research in Islamic Economics at the King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, and was a fellow at the Centre for Near Eastern Studies at the University of California in Los Angeles. This well-travelled academic was also a visiting scholar at the Islamic Research and Training Institute of the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah. He is a prolific author of a multitude of academic writings and several of his writings have been translated into Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Indonesian and Malaysian. He is associated with a number of academic journals as an editor or advisor, and has served on numerous committees and participated in a multitude of conferences in various parts of the world. Dr. Nejatullah is the winner of the prestigious King Faisal International Prize for Islamic Studies and the Shah Waliullah Award in New Delhi (2003).