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Services   to strive to disseminate free knowledge and facilitate in developing engaging learning models.


Digitized Content

The thoroughly researched Islamic finance training content featured on the Marifa is available digitally to all our viewers/users in the form of online infographic videos. This easily accessible and downloadable material focuses on the fundamental principles, features and practices of Islamic banking and finance. The training content generated applies particular emphasis on international, regional and local Islamic banking & finance practices. As a result, the students enrolled in the program are provided with comprehensive global insight and wide-ranging exposure to the world of Islamic finance

Customized Content

We specialize in the design of effective customized learning programs that meet our clients’ business objectives. Institutions and organizations receive a powerful, targeted course program that is aligned with their business and aims to produce optimal results. Close work with our clients allows us to design and deliver customized programs that meet expected learning objectives across a variety of multilingual platforms. Our extensive experience empowers us to identify clients’ requirements and customize training programs with precision. They comprise a cost-effective solution for larger numbers of employees, who strive to develop their expertise in their institution’s practices and practical aspects of Islamic finance products and transactions. The programs also give delegates who sign up for the program an opportunity to use the information provided by the Marifa as soon as they are back at their desks.


Marifa is a robust platform for people with any conceivable link to the Islamic finance industry to discuss and share their ideas and thoughts. Experts can use it to reach out to a wider audience, while students are able to further their knowledge of the subject through personal guidance from the experts themselves. In other words, Marifa’s virtual network brings the experts, practitioners and students of Islamic finance together, and gives them a forum to engage and benefit from one another.

Research Reports

One of the most notable features of Marifa is the fact that we provide institutions and business organizations with special research reports on an assignment basis. The reports generated utilize the most advanced research tools and may be related to variables such as market feasibility, business development, projects and specific customized economic surveys. At the same time, our research tools include on-field surveys, institutional visits, personal meetings, interviews, books journal references and online research.