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Company provide easy and free access to the practices and principles of Islamic finance

Marifa is an organization with a clear and defined purpose: to disseminate knowledge, provide easy access to the relevant information, and promote the practices and principles of Islamic finance across the many cultures and societies across the world, while using only the most innovative learning techniques in the process.

The most notable features of Marifa include Courses, Master Class, Study Material, Examination and Forum

Our website is a unique portal for access to authentic and well-researched information about Islamic finance, which is available to the entire world - for free. All content can be freely downloaded and shared, although certainly with due acknowledgement and adherence to intellectual property laws and regulations.

Mission and Philosophy

Marifa is committed to the generation, dissemination, and preservation of knowledge, information and practices related to Islamic banking and finance. It is moreover dedicated to providing both its members and the world at large with an education on the subject through simplified and engaging methods. At Marifa, we believe that knowledge is not necessarily complicated in itself. Rather, it is the way that it is imparted that makes it either easy or tough to absorb. In order to ensure that the former is true, we utilize some of the most modern tools available to make the process of passing knowledge down as straightforward as possible. Our philosophy can be summed up in an acronym: SIRF


We believe in the integrity of knowledge, and work on the premise that communicating it should be a simple affair. However, the process is often complicated to the extent that students tend to feel as if someone has, so to speak, placed opaque lenses in front of their eyes. Our efforts are focused on the removal of these obstacles, so that the learner can truly appreciate the beauty of knowledge


We believe that knowledge transmitted in an interesting and engaging manner leaves a lasting impression on the learner. To achieve this, Marifa presents content in various stimulating forms.


We believe that knowledge must be relevant and beneficial. As such, our content is in compliance with the AAOIFI Shariah standards, and is consistent with the practices of the Islamic finance market. At the same time, practitioners and academicians associated with the industry have reviewed it in its entirety to ensure that it is comprehensible and useful for the target audiences.


Our contentis available to the entire world - for free. We want people to understand and benefit from the knowledge of Islamic banking and finance. We believe that knowledge should be beneficial for those absorbing it, and must have the power to make a positive contribution to their lives and intellectual development.

Marifa plans to take Islamic finance beyond the English-speaking world by offering the programs in a variety of other languages. Currently we are working on Arabic, Bahasa and Urdu, which would be rolled our shortly notably enhancing its accessibility to a broader audience via search engines and other sources of information that cater to non-English speakers across the world.